Why National Claims Services?


Simply put, we are the best. When all is said and done, NCS not only saves you more money, but we make you look better while doing it. When we settle a claim, it is legally correct and everyone concerned is treated in a professional manner. Our settlements are “legally defensible” – because we know military rules and regulations, DOHA Decisions, etc. better than the competition. The look and feel of our correspondence and communications are more thorough and more professional. The result is an overall savings as less of our settlements are challenged later by the MCO.  If they are challenged, we are in a better position to advocate on your behalf.

Using NCS saves you money by settling with your bottom line in mind, and because you won’t need a military claims specialist on staff. Our national reputation for expertise and professionalism will also help bolster your company’s image, both with governmental entities and in terms of your Customer Satisfaction Survey scores.